Chapter 1 Overview, assessment & module organisation

1.1 Class material:

Materials from the class are in the PSY6422 Google Drive (UoS login required to access).

1.2 Exercise 1 (assessed!)

The exercise for this class is an initial self-assessment, which comprises part of your final grade. The deadline is in two weeks - see the timetable.

Submit using the form link provided by Tom [check your email after class] a document of no more than one A4 page (i.e. less than 500 words):

Aim 1: tell me what you know already

  • review course webpages, write ~50 words on your experience with computers and coding

Aim 2: start thinking about data to visualise

  • describe a dataset you have access to and what you’ll do with it OR
  • describe the kind of topic you’d like to identify relevant data to do a project on

Aim 3: set some targets for what you’d like to learn next

  • describe 1 or 2 ambitions; techniques, technologies or tools you’d like to acquire

1.2.1 Marking criteria:

See the assessment document

The purpose of this assessment is to ensure you are engaging with the course and to start a conversation between us about the final assessment. I want to give you 100%, all you have to do to achieve this is follow the instructions above.

1.2.2 Submission

You submit using them form link supplied by me, as an attachment with a filename containing your surname and registration number, of the form:


(file format does not need to be pdf)

1.3 Checklist:

To complete this class you should do the following :

  • Review these webpages

    • identify topics covered
    • locate timetable
    • note assessment deadlines
  • Complete initial self-assessment by deadline

  • Check you have received email from Tom

1.4 Resources

1.4.1 Further reading on the motivation for a data management component of this course