Chapter 2 R & R Studio

2.1 Resources

2.2 Exercises & Checklist

To complete this class you should do the following :

  • install R on your computer

    • if you can’t, use the cloud: [log in with Google and your account]
  • identify the console

    • enter a command directly (e.g. “2 + 2”)
  • identify the file window

    • create a new project
    • save a script as a .R file
    • run a single line of the script by pressing CTRL + ENTER
    • run the whole script
  • identify the environment window

  • identify the files/plots/etc window

  • know how to install and load a library of functions (“a package”)

    • install the swirl package
  • open this script

    • review line by line [as a pair exercise]